Lux Anodyca is an electronic dark band born in Parma in 2007, founded by Redux (Antonio Bocchi) and his wife Claudia Morel (Elisabetta Poli). Musical Influences are Kraftwerk, Ultravox, Joy Division, Kirlian Camera, Ame Immortelle, Lacrimosa, Covenant, Front Line Assembly.

Redux writes music and lyrics and produces all the band.

Redux plays Korg and Yamaha keyboards, Multimedia and Steinberg electronics, Moog theremin, Ibanez and Fender guitars, Korg wave drum, Alesis Strike Multipad and sings

Claudia Morel plays Multimedia and Steinberg electronics and sings.

Band personnel has changed in the years.

First album was “Alienica” (2008). The singer was Keyra (Chiara Zanotti) and Debora Penzo played violin. The album was released some year later by Kalamburpublishing.

Second album was “Soul Meshes” (2011) with Keyra as singer. The album was released by “Old Europa Cafè” and reviewed by Ritual magazine.

Third album was “Portraits of Sorrow” (2014), released by Kalamburpublishing. Claudia Morel was the singer.

Fourth album was “Unruhe” (2016) Claudia and Redux sang, Matthew Drive played guitars and Faust K played piano. Released by Kalamburpublishing, was reviewed by Ascension magazine.

Trough 2018 and 2020, the band performed on various famous poet’s works and release a musical project, THE POET’S CORNER including three albums: SIDERBELLICA (with lyrics by Antonio Riccardi taken from his work “Gli impianti del dovere e della guerra”), LA VITA È SOGNO (with lyrics by Pedro Calderon De la Barca, taken from his work “La vita è sogno”) and ANGEL’S MOURNING/IL LUTTO DELL’ANGELO (with lyrics by many authors such as Alda Merini, Wislawa Szymborska, Salvatore Quasimodo, Umberto Saba, Charles Bukowski, Dylan Thomas, John Keats)

In 2021, “TRANCEMUTATION”, an instrumental work, has been published on Soundcloud & Spotify.

In 2022, "THE FACTORY" - an instrumental album - was released.  

In 2024, Kalamine Records (Bordeaux, Fr) publishes the new band’s album, “MONKS”. This studio work confirms the band's style, which is oriented towards electronic music with guitars and analog instruments such as the Theremin.

Furthermore, band activity, in the last years is playing live reworked musical version of film’s soundtracks such as “ERASERHEAD” by David Lynch, "HALLOWEEN" by John Carpenter, BLADE RUNNER by Ridley Scott, DUEL by Steven Spielberg, NEXT FLOOR by Denis Villeneuve, BERLIN - Symphony of a Great City by Walther Ruttmann (1927), and theatre works such as "CAFE MULLER" by Pina Bausch.